River City Rock Show 2018 – Pt 1

I have never seen as many photographers at a show as I did Saturday night at the 2018 River City Rock Show featuring The Dirty Gentlemen, The Adams Capps Band, The Banned, and Gods of Wrath. I think that’s awesome. Personally, I feel that Wichita’s mainstream media has never given enough support to the arts, let alone the local music scene. It’s a peeve of mine. With so many local photographers being given access to this show I hope the result is a tidal wave of images and commentary documenting what a great production it was, the fantastic turnout, and the important cause.

More people posting quality media coverage helps to promote the bands and the music scene as a whole, especially considering the lack of mainstream media coverage they receive. This exposure makes it more likely the general public will take an increased interest in the bands. The more people that take an interest in the bands, the more people that may turn out to see them play at other local bars and venues. If more people go out to local bars and venues to see these bands, the bars and bands may actually make some money – and that will help create more great bands and venues. I’ll have more to say in another post about the hard work all the bands and production people put into the show, but for now, hats off to all the people who are still busy helping people experience the show on social media.